Aptitude Test

Take Free Online Aptitude test which will help you choose desired career stream (COMMERCE, SCIENCE or ARTS).
  • Six tests are to be completed by the student to clearly understand the abilities. These tests are :
    • Numeric Ability
    • Spatial Abiltiy
    • Reasoning Ability
    • Verbal Ability
    • Closure Ability
    • Mechanical Ability
  • No preparation is required to complete these tests.
  • The questions are multiple choice questions and need to be marked on the online test platform.
  • Individual instructions are given before each test. Please read the instructions carefully before attempting the test as the tests are timed and will clock out at the end of the permitted time.
Test Name Duration (HH:MM:SS)
{{$index + 1}} 4 A 4 B {{$index}} {{test.quiz_name}} {{test.formatted_test_time}} Unlimited Attempted
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