Aptitude Test

Take Free Online Aptitude test which will help you choose desired career stream (COMMERCE, SCIENCE or ARTS). Six tests are to be completed by the student to clearly understand the abilities. These tests are :

Numeric Ability
Spatial Abiltiy
Reasoning Ability
Verbal Ability
Closure Ability
Mechanical Ability
No preparation is required to complete these tests.
The questions are multiple choice questions and need to be marked on the online test platform.
Individual instructions are given before each test. Please read the instructions carefully before attempting the test as the tests are timed and will clock out at the end of the permitted time.

Why take aptitude test

To assess your interests, personality and abilities. The assessment has been designed by a team of expert psychologists and psychometricians. The assessment is designed for 21st Century aspirational career focused Indians.

Our Aptitude Test is design such that you can appear for it even from the comfort of your home. And we believe every student must have an opportunity to have their aptitude evaluated
Multiple choice question responses are a way to analyze and evaluate your thinking and analytical abilities
This test is made up of short number problems. Each problem is followed by five choices. You are to choose the correct answer and select the option which you think is correct by clicking on it. Work as quickly and accurately as you can. Two examples follow. Do them for practice. Mark the correct answer for the question, by clicking on the corresponding choice.

Aptitude Test

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