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Our Mission is be Vocal for Local star educational institutes, help them flourish with 90% occupancy and best technology. Create network of finest education institutes offering quality education services at right price across India with predictable and reliable academic experience.


Our Vision is to become the most preferred and trusted education brand in India. Our constant endeavor is to organize the 90% of highly un-structured and un-organized offline education world with an aim to be the best of both, offline and online education worlds.


Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Klassroom Philosophy. We strongly believe in ‘ You Aspire, We Inspire’ and our true success lies in our partner’s success. We nurture micro, small and medium scale academicians and education institutes through our partner program.

Our Horizon

Klassroom has a structured way of capturing demand with its unique strategies to increase revenue for our partners.
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Why Partner With Us?

Klassroom is the largest network of branded education institutes and is the only market leader who works for the benefits of our partners.

Why Partner With Us?

Klassroom is the largest network of branded education institutes and is the only market leader who works for the benefits of our partners.
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Increase in Revenue
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Centers Across Multiple Cities

Courses That We Offer

Courses That We Offer

VIII, IX and X


XI and XII

(Boards, JEE, JEE-Mains, NEET)

XI and XII

(Boards, CA, CS Foundation)
VIII, IX and X
XI and XII
(Boards, JEE, JEE-Mains, NEET)
XI and XII
(Boards, CA, CS Foundation)

Why Klassroom?

Increase in Occupancy and Revenue
We help our partners to increase their batch occupancy which results in revenue growth.
Marketing & Branding
We provide branding and marketing services on offline and online platforms for our partners.
Technology Support
We use cutting edge technology for all our partner services for ease and full transparency for enquiries and admissions.
Counsellor & Sales Support
We provide experienced counsellors who engage with students and have expertise with the entire Sales process.
Revenue Management
We provide advanced technological platform for easy fees payment options to students, regular fee payment schedule and automated timely settlements to our partners.
Klassroom Konnect
A 360° platform to run your online academy. Customize your learning content that best suits your courses and students. Upload multimedia teaching material, create & schedule online exams and many more.
Financial Support
Our strategic partnerships with financial institutions helps our partners with working capital for the various branding and marketing services.
Content Library
Access to 10,000+ question bank and 1,000+ hours of video lectures.
Available Partnership Programs

Success Stories

Being a Flagship center of Klassroom has given us an edge over others. The most important task of lead generation and conversion has been tactfully handled by Klassroom. Their counsellors are a big help too. They have a very experienced, dedicated and committed team which proves very fruitful and gives us an edge over the competition.

Prof. Reshma Dedhia
KLASSROOM Flagship Thakur Village, Kandivali East

Klassroom is a good partner for classes who support in all areas of coaching industry, such as marketing, sales and branding. Thanks to Klassroom for such a great company.

Prof. Mohammad Shakil Ansari
KLASSROOM Flagship Guru Nanak Marg, Bandra West

Partnership with Klassroom has helped me in managing my coaching business in an organized and effective manner. It was a great experience as a smart center and the value adds provided by Klassroom. So after one year I opted to upgrade to Flagship model which aided in generating more revenue and better value added services to the students.

Prof. Vinay Pandey
KLASSROOM Flagship Agarwal Building, Charni Road

I would like to share my Wonderful Experience about Klassroom. The Company helps in increasing Business by doing the Marketing and admissions. It also takes the responsibility of Fees Collection thus helping the Class Owners on their Core Work of Teaching. Overall it was a great First year with Klassroom.

Prof. Rajesh Kasat
KLASSROOM Flagship Mukesh Apartment, Virar West

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Klassroom identifies excellent education institutes in different localities, gets them co-branded as Klassroom centres and then lists them on its website and mobile app for students and their parents to discover and eventually take admissions.
We provide help to the coaching owners with branding, marketing, sales, increasing their revenue, providing technology assistance, revenue management, counsellor services and many more.
The eligibility criteria to onboard with Klassroom includes various parameters like location, infrastructure, faculty, past results, etc. The complete details can be found on each available partnership program pages.
Klassroom provides many partnership programs based on the needs of our partners. You can visit our partner website ( to find more information.
No, since Klassroom is GST registered it is obliged to pay GST for the admission enrolled by Klassroom.
If the partner coaching institute is already GST registered then Klassroom’s payout for the Partner will include GST component.
Klassroom enquiries are updated in our system as soon as they are generated. Our partners are notified real time about such enquiries and they can view them to provide full transparency to our partners.
As the Klassroom enquiries are updated in the system. This provides us full transparency and facilitates easier segregation of the leads of our coaching partners.
Klassroom does not generates and forward the leads to our partners like Justdial but also helps in counselling students and converting them into admissions.
No, we are not. Marketing is one of the services offered to our Klassroom partners. For list of services please refer to the features of Klassroom Partnership programs.
Onboarding to Klassroom has multiple steps from partnership program selection, your institute evaluation and contract signing. Please submit a partner enquiry form on our website and our partner experts will discuss with you further.
We cater to many standard and boards for schools and colleges. Please visit our website for details.
No, we don’t regulate the academics part of our centres but we take regular feedback from students regarding the academics to ensure Klassroom defined quality services are delivered.
The admissions of students through Klassroom would continue to study in the respective centre for the package enrolled. The revenue share for such admissions would continue as per the terms in the contract.
The settlement of fees collected for admission through Klassroom is done within 10 working days upon clearance of the payment instrument.
Klassroom enquiries are handled by Klassroom counsellors.
The company was established on 3rd Nov 2016.
Klassroom Konnect is A 360° platform to run your online academy. You can customize your learning content that best suits your courses and students. You can upload multimedia teaching material, create Quizzes, schedule online lessons & assessment exams and many more.
Yes, Klassroom provides partnership program for partners who want to start new coaching institute. We help financially, marketing, branding, counsellor, etc. services. Please visit our website for various available partnership programs.

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