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Established in 2016 and now tagged as the best coaching classes in Mumbai, Klassroom started with an idea to resolve all the concerns of parents and students with regards to quality education, holistic learning methodology, proven results, comprehensive study material, end-to-end support system, save travel time, repeat lectures for missed classes, extended support for student’s progress and many more. In today’s time, where the agenda of the coaching classes have shifted from delivering quality education to commercializing education, Klassroom assures quality education at affordable fees and premium customer service with Klassroom Konnect. Currently, Klassroom is catering 4500+ students of VIII to X (State/ICSE/CBSE), XI+XII Science + JEE/NEET/CET and XI+XII Commerce + CA- CPT in 120 centers across Mumbai making us the second largest coaching classes networkd in Mumbai.

The inception of Klassroom was done by Mrs. Alka Javeri, Mr. Dhruv Javeri and Mr. Dhumil Javeri with a vision to build an online marketplace for quality coaching education at an affordable price and premium customer service with accountability at convenient locations. Under our structure, we extensively research on several star coaching classes in different localities. All these coaching classes are graded under various parameters like the team of teachers, location, years of existence, results, market reputation (word of mouth), infrastructure and management. Based on all these parameters we shortlist the top coaching classes in a particular locality and bring one or few of them onboard as Klassroom Center under Smart Klassroom or Flagship Klassroom program. With the association, we extend our help these local star coaching classes to get discovered on our platform, support them with Klassroom features like online study content, comprehensive study material, on- demand counselling, teachers’ and counselors’ training programs, Klassroom Konnect and increase their potential reach in the locality.

Our Mission

At Klassroom, we all have a mission to ensure quality education is accessible for every student under affordable cost at Klassroom centers and help them achieve their desired career with holistic learning methodology and Klassroom Konnect services. During the course, we help every child to transform his/her personality to become a better person and contribute their learnings to the welfare of society.
Furthermore, we commit to stand along with the parents to help them deliver the best education to their child. Assist parents with a thorough understanding of their child’s interest and inclination with our student counseling sessions where they select the right career for their child. Provide premium customer service and 24x7 assistance to get overall insights on their child’s performance.
With the growing centers and market share in Mumbai, Klassroom plans to take its model to the next level and have Pan India presence across 36 cities, targeting 2L admissions with a network of 4100 Klassroom centers (2700 smart centers and 1400 flagship centers) with a hybrid (online + offline) business model by the year 2022.
With our expansion, we aim to reach maximum students and give them an opportunity to experience quality education beyond financial limitations with our Klassroom Scholarship cum Admissions Test (K-SAT). A platform where students from grade 8 th to grade 10 th of CBSE / ICSE / State Board can compete with each other and win up to 80% scholarship on the tuition fee of Klassroom Courses.

Our Students

Klassroom helps thousands of students from various background of society turning their dreams into reality by enhancing academic coaching experience with a 'Students First’ policy. It also helps thousands of parents save a lot of time, energy and money by identifying exceptional and affordable star coaching classes in their locality. Klassroom delivers on the promises of accountability and outstanding services. We provide them both offline and online learning platform from highly qualified and experienced faculty. Klassroom extends a big helping hand by offerring scholarships, till date we have awarded upto Rs. 2 Cr worth of scholarships.

Krupa Shanbhag

10th ICSE - 2019
Klassroom Poonam Mangal Building
Krupa Shanbhag
Klassroom is like the process of distillation where students come with academic doubts or problems (saltwater solution) and emerge with clear concepts and improved results (pure water after distillation). The burner and condenser are our beloved professors and mentors.

Our Team

Alka Javeri
Co-Founder, Chairman and Head of New Markets
Dhruv Javeri
Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Sales
Dhumil Javeri
Co-Founder, COO and Head of Marketing
Aniket Thite
Study Techniques Expert & Motivational Speaker
Purnesh Jain
Head Of Technology and Business Analyst
Dhaval Patel
Technical Architect
Founder’s Speech
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Why Klassroom

How have we evolved?

Initial Years

Before Klassroom Edutech came into existence, Mrs. Alka Javeri and Mr. Dhumil Javeri were running a coaching class in Borivali with a sole agenda to uplift the standard of education and provide quality education to all. Mr. Dhruv Javeri after completing his studies was working in the Netherlands with reputed companies. In 2016, the Javeri’s wanted to take their idea of quality education to the next level and help millions of students across the city. With this agenda, the Javeri’s came up with the idea of Klassroom Edutech, where technology, education and business come together for the betterment of students.
Klassroom Edutech was incorporated in November 2016. With a unique concept and sky-high dedication, got its 1st Smart Center sign-up in January 2017. The process of the brand building started and Klassroom got its website in Feb 2017. With the combined efforts of Javeri’s, Klassroom was able to sign-up 25 Smart centers across Mumbai by March 2017 and then was the time the revenue started rolling.

Getting There

“No matter how difficult is your target, a right process will always help you to achieve it.” - Founder’s Name (Mrs. Alka Javeri)
The Javeri’s were very clear that the target they set would require tremendous focus and dedication. They kept no stone unturned, worked hard with commitment and their continuous efforts paid off as Klassroom Edutech grew further and signed up its 1 st Flagship Center in April 2018.Javeri’sJaveri’sJaveri’s May 2018 was the month of growing as more centers signed up giving them a footprint across 60 centers in Mumbai. Klassroom formed its 1 st Team of mentors with onboarding new energetic professionals with in depth experience and expertise in education industry.
By November 2018, the online learning platform Klassroom Konnect already had 1000+ hours of content, 1000+ questions and growing. By end of 2018, Klassroom Edutech had 10 Flagship Centers across Mumbai. We reached out to the parents across Mumbai and helped them resolve on-going issues with their coaching classes which were not Klassroom Centers. There were 10,000+ students and parents visit across our multiple centers.


With every step that Klassroom took, Javeri’s learned multiple things about stabilizing and standardizing the concepts of Klassroom. Initially after signing-up the centers, there was limited control over day to day operations of the classes. As the process was new for the partners, they were finding difficult to cope-up with the Klassroom standards. The transition for these classes to be a Klassroom center was getting challenging. Understanding this, the Javeri’s extended their support to the partners in terms of training, hand-holding and complete assistance. This gesture earned a lot of respect by the partners and now the partners were ready to go beyond and work for betterment.
Now, the partner wanted more involvement from Klassroom with regards to business development, marketing, teaching, team training and operations. This response gave us the boost and Klassroom launched its Flagship Center, where the complete center is managed by Klassroom.
Moving forward, when we started meeting parents and students, we realized that the problems faced by them were more severe and frequent then what were recorded in our Problem Management System. To resolve these concerns and give parents and students a better experience, we immediately created a dedicated team who would log, take ownership and resolve every single query raised by student and parents.

Here are we

With persevering hard work and dedication, Klassroom Edutech has achieved great goodwill and reputation among the students and parents. We now have admissions inquiries coming in from all the parts of the city, which has boosted our admissions and we have 4500+ students enrolled with us.
In this past 1 year, Klassroom has conducted 200+ seminars across Mumbai, Vasai & Virar, Thane andNavi Mumbai. We have extended help to deserving students by granting scholarships worth Rs. 2 Cr. We have a team of 35 professionals working towards the single goal to help students get quality education and best experience. Moving further, we have grown up to 140+ Klassroom centers across Mumbai, where we have 120+ Smart Center and 20+ Flagship Centers. Also, we get inquiries from various star coaching classes for association under Smart Center or Flagship Center.
Klassroom has grown to 140+ centers across Mumbai with many coaching classes in the pipeline to be onboarded. Our vast content library and questionnaire is available to all our students via Klassroom Konnect platform. Our team of content developer and teachers work hand-in-hand to keep content relevant and updated as per the curriculum. Our problem management team has resolved 1000+ queries and been successfully in getting the smiles back on faces of students and parents. Klassroom team has worked with determination in gaining trust of students and parents in the Klassroom brand and team. We are confident this enable us in reaching and helping millions of students to achieve their dreams through quality education.

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